Urban Farm Recovery Project

In partnership with Brooklyn Grange, we offer asylum seekers a paid fellowship in urban agriculture. The six-month training program prepares asylum seekers for life in NYC via job readiness training, English immersion, psychological healing, and community building.  

The Village Voice selected our UFRP as the "Best Urban Farming Initiative to Support" in 2016!

Created by Annalisa Cimmino

Photos by Koray Ersin

Over the course of that first season, we became quite close to the first class of RIF interns. Florence let Gwen practice her rusty French, and in exchange, Gwen helped her with her English. I gave Katy some Internet lessons, and Erick, who had been the executive director of a humanitarian-aid nonprofit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, became an all-star compost manager, flipping the pile with an ease that made it hard to believe he had been working since dawn delivering newspapers before arriving at the farm for the day.
— Anastasia Cole Plakias (VP of Brooklyn Grange) in The Farm on the Roof
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