Two Nigerian Activists, Audu & David, Win Their Asylum!

We're proud to announce that after many years of waiting, Audu and David have won their asylum. Both public health advocates from Nigeria, we met David and Audu in 2014 when they fled Nigeria due to the passing of a homophobic law which criminalized those who advocate for the rights of the LGBT community.  In 2015, David and Audu joined our Urban Farm Recovery Project and the Brooklyn Grange Farm-ily. Later that year, thanks in part to our partnership with Fordham's International Institute of Humanitarian Affairs, Audu completed an International Diploma in Humanitarian Affairs course.

Despite all the difficulties they have faced, Audu and David have stopped at nothing to get back to the hard work of advocacy here in the United States. Audu is now a Community Organizer at African Communities Together, and David works for Housing Works. Audu is our most recent addition to the RIF Board.

We couldn't be more proud of these two and we wish them the very best!