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Global Roots Gathering

Our Past events


Venezuelan RIF members Magedda, Hector, and Rabsaris teamed up to cook a five-course meal for foodies and refugee supporters at the Komeeda Food & Arts Festival. The chefs prepared traditional Venezuelan dishes like hallacas, arepas with salad and homemade sauces, and majarete, a coconut milk-based dessert.

RIF joined forces with the marketing team behind Team Refugee in the Olympics, Purpose, to invite RIF asylum seekers into people’s homes and businesses for a series called Refugees to Dinner. Dinners were held at the offices of tech leaders such as Tumblr, General Assembly, Civic Hall and Global Citizen.

Harnessing the power of music & food, these gatherings brought together asylum seekers and local communities through shared cultural experiences in safe spaces.

World refugee day

On World Refugee Day, we gathered together to proclaim our support for those seeking safety in our city. We felt that there was no better place to do that than Brooklyn Grange, the site of RIFs Urban Farm Recovery Project, which has become a sanctuary for so many people that we serve.

What this journey breeds

In 2015, we partnered with Fordham University to run a year-long academic program leading up to summer-long art exhibition in at the Ildiko Butler Gallery.