Since 2006, RIF has served as an entry-point for those who have been displaced and traumatized by injustice.  


Our Mission

RIF serves as a entry point that welcomes asylum seekers to NYC. In an effort to boost the process of rebuilding their lives, we offer legal orientation, a roadmap to the asylum process and psychosocial support in a human context. Through our special partnerships with green-technology innovators, we give asylum seekers the opportunity to both fully immerse and to contribute to their new communities. 


For the last decade, we've guided asylum seekers through the challenging process of taking root in NYC by making resources easily accessible to them. RIF was established to fill the void of information and services available, which often led to the abuse of newly arrived asylum seekers. Since 2006, we have served over one thousand asylum seekers. 90% of our clients have been granted asylum and have been reunited with their families.

How we meet the needs of asylum seekers