Since 2006, RIF Asylum Support has been an entry-point and navigator for refugees seeking asylum in New York City. We provide legal and social services that help asylum seekers get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.

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The problem

Every year, over 30,000 refugees seek asylum in New York City. They flee their countries due to various forms of persecution, and arrive to the United States facing a void of support and information about the asylum process. Unlike resettled refugees, asylum seekers are not assigned to a government-contracted NGO for support upon arriving to the US. This void is often filled by abusive individuals and fraudulent immigration practitioners who prey on this lack of information and vulnerability.

RIF's Solution

To fill that void, RIF Asylum Support acts as an entry point for ALL asylum seekers regardless of their nationality, religion, and/or sexual orientation.

RIF offers easy access to legal consultations that empower asylum seekers with the information they need to complete the asylum process. We also educate asylum seekers on the risks they face, and provide referrals to trustworthy legal, medical, and mental healthcare providers. In partnerships with sustainable food and green-technology innovators, RIF provides newcomers with job-training opportunities that help them succeed in the competitive NYC job market.

Finally, RIF acts as a community-building platform where asylum seekers can meet each other, learn from those who have successfully established themselves in NYC, and meet caring New Yorkers who want to welcome and support them.