Our Stance

For many years, RIF has been on the ground serving asylum seekers. In the same way that we make resources accessible to asylum seekers, we allow the public to intimately access and bear witness to the plight of the asylum seeker. We've learned that there is no better way to raise awareness and shift perspective than to pair an asylum seeker and a student with a tray of pepper plants, and allow them to transplant side-by-side. On and off the farm, we give asylum seekers a variety of platforms to advocate for themselves, whether by stretching minds with their personal stories, or educating the public about the injustices that forced them to flee. Many of the persevering people that we serve were persecuted for their activism. When they go unsupported, oppression succeeds and there is one less activist in the world. We ally with them, and help elevate their voices as they return to their activist roots.  

When oppression succeeds, there is one less activist in the world.