Situation Report: What Trump's Executive Order Means for Asylum Seekers

What is the latest news on the Immigration Executive Order?


Donald Trump and his government were NOT successful in their appeal to restore the travel ban and  halt the entry of refugees.  That means that all the measures in the original executive order are NOW FROZEN for the time being.

Donald Trump is now saying that he is considering to introduce a NEW executive order and we will keep you informed of what it means.  Our next Asylum Legal Meeting will be on March 8 where immigration attorney, Caitlin Steinke will provide an update on the situation.  

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See below a summary of how the original Executive Order  which is now frozen  would have  impacted asylum seekers:

WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF the Executive Order ON the asylum process?

  1. It means that the asylum process is NOT suspended: you can still apply for asylum, either with the help of an attorney or on your own.

  2. Asylum interviews are still taking place but as you may know it takes 2-3 years to have an interview date.

  3. You can still apply for a work permit 150 days after the application has been sent. Work permits are now valid for two years.

How would the Executive Order affect asylum seekers from the seven countries on the list?

The Executive Order would affect asylum seekers from the seven countries singled out in the Executive Order: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia & Sudan

  • Asylum seekers from the seven countries can still apply for asylum

  • Their cases are still being processed by the asylum office in the regular way

  • Interviews are still be scheduled

  • However, when the order was in place, asylum officers were told that they would not be not allowed to make final decisions in cases concerning people from the seven countries until they receive further guidance

  • This could possibly extend to work permit applications for asylum seekers from the seven countries as well.

How would the Executive Order affect the families of Asylum Seekers?

  • The asylum program continues to grant asylum to the spouses and children of people whose asylum cases are granted.
  • These family members –called derivatives– are automatically granted asylum if they are inside the United States.

  • Family members outside the United States can apply for a visa to join the principal asylee in the US.

  • However, derivatives who are citizens from the seven countries will not be granted visas to come to the us United States as long as the travel ban is in place (90 days).