Important information on the asylum process

Applying for Asylum: Advice from a former asylum officer

Based on a presentation made at RIF Asylum Support meeting on April 15, 2019 by Ethan Taubes. Ethan Taubes worked as an asylum officer and supervisor for over twenty years at the USCIS asylum office in Newark, New Jersey. He retired in 2018 and now provides trainings and consultations: You can view a video of the presentation here:

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What happens during an asylum interview? What questions will I be asked?

By Rasoulpour Torregoza PLLC, a legal consultant for RIF Asylum Support in partnership with CUNY Law School

What happens after my asylum interview?

By Rasoulpour Torregoza PLLC, a legal consultant for RIF Asylum Support in partnership with CUNY Law School

Mock Asylum Interview

On 7 September 2018, RIF Asylum Support presented "Preparing to Testify at Your Asylum Interview," an educational workshop that provides asylum seekers with the tools, strategies, and confidence to be better prepared for their asylum interview.

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At our recent meeting we had a presentation by attorney Angela Torregoza on changes to the employment authorization application form. We have outlined the changes below:


1.   Starting September 17, 2018, the form will be seven pages instead of two. You must pay careful attention to each question and answer them all as accurately as possible.

2.   In section 30. (c)(8) the form will ask you if you have ever been arrested in your home country, the United States, or elsewhere. Arrests include political arrests. It is extremely important to not omit this type of information as part of your application because the United States government may use it as a reason to deny your employment authorization and asylum applications.

 Advice from RIF

The United States government is more strict regarding asylum seekers than it has been in the recent past. If you have questions as you complete your initial or renewal employment authorization application, including about the required documentation, please contact RIF at to schedule a legal consultation.

More detailed information about the changes can be found on Angela Torregoza’s blog